Lastacaft  (alcaftadine) is a prescription eye drop approved for treating eye itching caused by allergies.

How we use this drug:  Lastacaft is the most effective topical drug for controlling symptoms of ocular allergy.  Because it begins giving relief with just afew minutes, and a single dose gives relief for approximately 16 hours, it has become one of our favorite drugs to give relief to allergy sufferers.

Typical dose: 1 drop each eye once a day.  This dose is the same for everyone, regardless of your age.

Common Side Effects:The most common ocular adverse reactions, occurring in < 4% of LASTACAFT® treated eyes, were eye irritation, burning and/or stinging on instillation, eye redness, and eye itching

Pregnancy:  Lastacaft is approved for use in pregnant patients.

Children: Lastacaft is approved for use in pediatric patients over 2 years of age

Warning: If you wear soft contact lenses, you must remove them to use the drops. In order to prevent the lens from absorbing the medication, make sure to wait at least 10 minutes after using the drops before reinserting the lens. Do not wear your contact lenses if your eye is still red.


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