Crystalens Exercises


The Crystalens® vision workbooks are a series of six different books used for post-Crystalens vision therapy.  Each book has at least sixteen different word search puzzles designed to be completed over a two-week cycle, with the patient completing one exercise per day.  There are six books so it will take twelve weeks to complete the entire program.

The program is a series of structured exercises that allow the eyes to focus on letters of progressively smaller size, thereby stimulating the eyes to accommodate.  The size of the letters and the number of puzzles are intended to establish a controlled, daily accommodative exercise program to gradually improve and enhance accommodative efficiency and amplitude.

Most of the puzzles have fun, light hearted topics selected to be entertaining to the patient. Just like traditional word search games, these have a series of words hidden throughout the puzzle.  The words are listed on each page so the player knows which ones to look for.

Book One should be very easy – the font size being the largest.  Once that book is completed,  You  can advance to the next book.  With each new book the print will get smaller, increasing the difficulty of the puzzle.

You should complete one booklet over a two-week period.  If you stall at one book and have trouble finishing it, you may to need to stay at that level for a few more weeks.

The therapy should start two weeks after surgery on their second eye is completed.

This program was designed to help you  throughout  your ninety-day postoperative period.  If you are  comfortable beginning with one of the later books, you can – you’re simply “ahead of schedule”.  Every patient is different.    Our overall objective is to provide you with tools to help you  on your  road to visual rejuvenation.

Links to each Book:

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Book Four

Book Five

Book Six

2 Responses to Crystalens Exercises

  1. Youngmi Pak says:

    I’ve been enjoying your exercises after my cataract surgery with crystal lens.
    But the book three is missing. Could you please post Book Three?
    Thank you.

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