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Luxury is not projected toward the outside, it is worn on the inside. Excellent craftsmanship takes precedence over massive logos. Fashion and accessories which facilitate indulgence and joy while quietly underlining the wearer’s personality have now won a permanent place for themselves. New emphasis is being placed on quality, handcraft is valued once again – even in sunglasses.

Rimless eyewear design and unlimited vision: The best frame for eyewear is always the face. But what are the concrete advantages of rimless eyewear?

The Impression on Others
Intelligent, honest and trustworthy: people with eyewear are seen as having numerous positive characteristics. However, eyewear makes your face look more distinctive which is generally perceived as less attractive.  Rimless eyewear opens the face. This makes its wearer appear both trustworthy and attractive.

Eyes in the Spotlight
Eyes don’t lie. They are the windows to our innermost emotions. Eyewear emphasizes the eye zone and draws attention to it.  Rimless eyewear gives space to the eyes and allows them to speak to others. Expressions and emotions are revealed.

Subtle Beauty
The less prominent characteristics a face has, the more beautiful we perceive it to be. A flawless, symmetric face is perceived as particularly beautiful.  The subtle gracefulness of rimless eyewear underlines a face’s natural beauty.

Natural Reserve
Eyewear is a necessary companion throughout the day. It should therefore bring its wearer’s personality to the foreground and not make itself the center of attention. Rimless eyewear underlines the uniqueness of its wearer and their individual style.  With their natural subtlety, rimless eyewear underlines the personality of its wearer.

Go to Eyeglass Frames

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