Your Exam

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For most of our patients, the eye examination is the reason they’re in the office. It’s during the examination that we learn about how you use your eyes and begin to design eyewear that meets your needs. It’s also where we identify any eye problems (like floaters, itching or redness) and complete appropriate tests to explore your eye and vision problems.

Our exams are designed to not only determine your glasses or contact lens prescriptions, but also to determine that your eyes are healthy and free of abnormalities and disease.

Every day we see patients with glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, and other varied health and eye issues. The health of the patient and the health of their eyes is important in our final recommendations and treatment.

The care we offer goes well beyond the basic eye exam you may have experienced before. We’re dedicated to making sure you have good vision throughout your entire life.